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I am a Designer working and living in Asia.
My design interests ranging across various fields: 
- Technology and how it needs to be made approachable.
- Furniture from a functional object to being a cultural statement.
Space how it shapes behavior. 
- Experimental projects to push boundaries of manufacturing,
new materials or exploring the junction between physical and digital.

I like to work on all scales: From mass production to smaller series
and limited editions down to a single object..

The Designer in me

Designers have always been agents of change. We embrace it in order to iterate, improve and solve the next problem. In our increasingly complex becoming world, `change' has become a self accelerating force that is going to outperform humans ability to catch up by far. What took years once, happens now in months and sometimes only weeks. This counts for technological revolutions all the way to growth, raise and fall of economies.

With these circumstances, the long term success of organizations is depending more than ever on having an accurate outlook on what will be next. The tolerance for `missed trains' has almost reached zero. 
With 'change' being the only constant, the role of designers ( + design education) and design teams needs to evolve: Being comfortable with uncertainty and change itself, we are becoming more and more strategic players. Navigators helping to find the right course and
focus points. Facilitators of conversations between specialists as well as teams.

Modern in-house design teams are implemented right at the heart of organizations. Being a global function, a design team becomes the radar of an organisation to the in≠ and outside. It plays a centralized role, pro actively stimulating all interfacing functions. A hub of information as well as communication. Evolving out of a `beautifying' or `value adding' practice, the team needs to offer a broader approach to product & service development. A multidisciplinary unit providing a holistic and (eco≠)systemic thinking that goes beyond a physical object centric approach. 

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