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I am a Designer currently working and living in Hong Kong. I like to work on all scales: From mass production to smaller series and limited editions down to a single object.
My design interests ranging across a variety of fields:

Technology and how it integrates itself into peoples life, gets taken for granted and how it has to adapt again to follow the progression of societies new created circumstances. Furniture from a functional object to being an cultural statement or a medium to push the boundaries of materiality and manufacturing. Spaces as in creating the right atmosphere and experience for exhibition, shopping experience or



// Red Dot Award 2015 / A1 PRO

// iF Design Award 2015 / A1 PRO

// Red Dot Award: Product Design 2014 / BR-1X

// iF product design award 2014 / BR-1X


// Red Dot Award: Product Design 2014 / WeCall


// iF product design award 2013 / InRange

// Lucky Strike Junior Designer Award 2011 Special mention / MissingLink

// VDID regenerating competition 2009 1st place price / Lex

// Student Design Award for Rapid Manufacturing 2009 / Lex

// iF concept design award 2010 / mOver


The Designer in me

We live in a complex and fast moving world.
The appreciation for the value of work, craftsmanship, 
know-how and resources is fading out. 
The frontier between digital and physical is continuously blurring
while technology develops faster than human minds can follow.

As a product designer I believe that design can work as a filter, 
language and tool to give orientation and understanding
to this fast technological development: 
By translating technology into something recognizable and approachable. 
And only if the result actually starts changing peoples habits, 
it reaches the status of an innovation.

In my design process I aim to achieve this translation with being
very sensitive to proportions, materials and interactions
while creating a distinctive and long lasting character.
I think that the sustainability of a product has a major part to do, 
of how we react with our visual and tactile senses to an object: 
A narrow line of feeling perfect and creating a little friction
at the same time, keeps us awake and lets
us learn to desire an object for a long time.

Because even in a global scale with all its facets and
cultural diversities sustainability starts with desirability.